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Avalos-Rosales, Oliver; Angel-Bello, Francisco; Álvarez, Ada; Cardona-Valdés, Yajaira

Including preventive maintenance activities in an unrelated parallel machine environment with dependent setup times Journal Article

Computers & Industrial Engineering, 123 , pp. 364-377, 2018.

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Nucamendi, Samuel; Cardona-Valdés, Yajaira; Angel-Bello, Francisco

Minimizing customer's waiting time in a vehicle routing problem with unit demands Journal Article

Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International, 54 (6), pp. 866–881, 2015.

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Pacheco, Joaquín; García, Irma; Alvarez, Ada

Enhancing variable neighborhood search by adding memory: Application to a real logistic problem Journal Article

Knowledge-Based Systems, 62 , pp. 28–37, 2014.

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Cardona-Valdés, Yajaira; Álvarez, Ada; Pacheco, Joaquín

Metaheuristic procedure for a bi-objective supply chain design problem with uncertainty Journal Article

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 60 , pp. 66–84, 2014.

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Angel-Bello, Francisco; Alvarez, Ada; García, Irma

A Multi-Start Procedure for the Minimum Latency Problem Journal Article

IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 46 (9), pp. 436–441, 2013.

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